First Surfperch video from October

 After 3 days up to my chest in 50-degree water in cargo pants and flip flops, I finally caught my first surfperch on vacation in Pacific Beach, Wa October 2020.

I used a 7-ft medium action rod with 8lb clear monofilament. 3/4 ounce weight at the end of the line, a foot above the weight was a size 8 hook with a 6-inch leader, and a foot above that was another size 8 hook with a 6-inch leader. I used small sand shrimp that I bought uncooked, I boiled them for a few minutes to toughen them up and then broke them in half and put each half on a hook.

I went to the beach and fished every morning from about 10:00am to 2:00pm and kept getting bites. On the third day, I started to vary my strategy more and retrieve slowly sometimes and fast other times, it was when I retrieved fast that I was able to hook this one. It wasn't uncommon for them to hit the line or steal my bait, and I think that success was achieved because I varied my retrieve and reeled fast through the breaking waves.

All videos on this site and on PNW Fishing Adventures are filmed and edited by me.