Granite Falls Adventure: Stillaguamish and Pilchuck

 Went on an adventure and checked out some fishing spots on the Stillaguamish and Pilchuck Rivers on Dec 2nd, 2020. Didn't catch anything but saw why to use barbless hooks and got some free gear. It was a beautiful icy day and I had to at least upload the video I shot of the areas! 

I first went to Riverscene County Park and fished for a bit, then drove 5 minutes to the Granite Falls Access Site and found some gear I could retrieve from a log and did so. After that, I fished a bit but could see no fish coming through and went back to Riverscene. I arrived at around 9am and left at about 1:30pm.

I was using an 8ft ultralight rod with 8lb test line. First running a sliding bobber with a crimp weight below it and a size 6 hook with sand shrimp. Later I used a piece of metal as a weight and 2ft leader with two orange foam eggs before a size 6 hook with a piece of sand shrimp and letting the 'weight' slide along the bottom.  

Although I didn't catch anything, I got some practice in and the weather was great. It was a bit cold (the ground was actually frozen) but it warmed up and got warmer toward noon.