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About Me

About Me

Hello, my name is Kyle Ogle. I wrote my first story when I was in elementary school about a warrior in the middle ages. Although it never got completed, it drew me into writing, researching, and web hosting. I've been on the internet since 2005, which is when I created my first Runescape account. I've spent countless hours playing Runescape, Call of Duty, and Minecraft. While these addictions were common in my age group, I did achieve some interesting successes. I'm banned from Runescape for 131,400 hours, at one point I was in the top 1% of Call of Duty players, and I had Minecraft blogs and videos in 2012.

In elementary school, I could type 60 words per minute, and I still type at that speed today. Apart from my typing skills in elementary school, I read every science book and most of the history books in the school library. Two of my favorite stories that I remember learning in elementary school are the story of the Oak Island Money Pit and the story of King Tut's Tomb. This led me to start a book collection, which I now own around 50 historically important books as well as several books published in the 1800s.     

In middle school, I played select soccer and our team won nearly every game and every tournament and received several medals and trophies. In high school, I played varsity soccer as a junior and senior and in both years our team went to state. I also was part of the swim and dive team and I placed in districts and competed at the state level for diving. I competed on the middle school wrestling team and track team and competed in districts for both sports. I am quite competitive and enjoy traveling.  

The traveling I did playing sports and the history I learned led me to gain interest in the natural world. I am an avid fisherman and enjoy researching the outdoors and wildlife in the Puget Sound region, more specifically the Everett and Snohomish areas. I started at Everett Community College in communications and quickly joined the Journalism program and college Newspaper. I have been writing articles about history and nature (and some political articles) for nearly a year now. 

I travel the Cascade Mountains and Ocean Shores at least once per year. These experiences have led me to adapt my fishing strategies, learn to live without the internet, and encouraged me to take interest in the history of a new area while I’m visiting. What I’ve learned has made me think about how I can be a productive member of society by bringing current and historical information to the table, while (hopefully) being entertaining and informative. 

My goal is to explore the Puget Sound region, its nature, and how it came to be what it is today. I want to tie in current information with historical information to help inform citizens of the history of the region and catch some fish along the way. Hopefully, the result will be informative, interesting, and surprising! Apart from having a good old time learning about history, I hope the information I collect will help keep historical sites and artifacts preserved and protected.

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