How Overnight Shipping Works

How Overnight Shipping Works

Shopping has been ultimately changed by two things: ordering online and overnight shipping. But how do these work? And at what cost? Let’s look into how your money turns into an item in less than 24-hours. 

Of course, the first step is to make a purchase. Once that purchase is made, the seller is notified, the shipping label is printed, and the product is labelled and either picked up or dropped off at a shipping center. 

The shipping center will give an estimate on how long it will take for the item to ship based on routes available and typical shipping times. Once the item has been processed and loaded onto the truck, the product is ready to be shipped.  

Depending on the distance, the truck may take more than 24 hours, but generally shipping from one shipping center to the other is less than 24 hours. The item is then processed at the second or third delivery center and then dispersed onto a delivery van. Delivery can also add time, if your stop is at the end of a route the driver may not make it to your house until the next day. This is the basics of how an item is shipped.


For an item to make it within 24 hours the routine must be much smoother and some criteria must be met. First, a route must be known to exist that will be able to get your item to the desired destination within 24 hours. Second, shipping centers must be able to process the item within 24 hours to get it on the truck. Finally, delivery in your area must be able to get to your house with a package tomorrow if one arrives. 

To have all of these criteria met is not an easy task, that’s why companies like Amazon and eBay have a * next to overnight shipping. Yes, they will ship you your item overnight, but within 24 hours is nearly impossible, and 3-day shipping has become the new standard. Currently, Amazon has figured out that if they have warehouses full of stuff that can be shipped by their vans to local residences, they can ship you items today. This technology is incredible, but the cost is having thousands of warehouses full of products simply sitting around waiting to be purchased. 

There’s a good side and a bad side to this. The good thing is that goods are more available and it’s easier to get what you need today as well as more people are employed locally and earning wages working near their house. The bad side is that so many of the items that are shipped are made cheap, so if they break in shipping it’s less cost lost by the manufacturer. This means that most of the items are thrown away in less than five years, and more trash piles up and infects the planet. 


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